Magagement: What is Reputation Managment ... Management, meaning what?

Published 6.2.2017 7:20 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Reputation | Management | Brand Management | Magagement | We Do It All

GP7A News: What, Magagegment, you mean Management. Answer; No, we mean magagement. Who, Magagement, is not only managing, your entire content on Google.

We also, are here to set the record straight. Starting with your Reputation Management. First off, you need to start thinking "Reutation Marketing". Who's reputation. Answer; your reputation, it needs to be governed, like a country. A state, and county, and city, a parish, township. Everyone, needs to Google Search you name, and phone numbers.

If "Wikipedia", shows up, when, you search your name. You need Why give Wikipedia, the authority, that you can get on this very important first page. You can do it yourself on Google. Or, you can give us the authority, then add the Google authority, we have. And you'l never have to worry, about your searches. For you now, have taken Authority Ownership of your own conversations, and content. managing, content on Google, is not as easy as you think. Verification We Do Your Google Uploads Published 5.25.2017 1:32 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | International |Introduction | | Google+ Law Authority | Reputation Management | Brand Protection | Brand Building | Google My Business